Real Casino Slots Online

Do you know where you can play real casino slots online? Where to find online casino slots with real money? In case you’re in a search for this kind of info, this guide is the perfect place for you. Also, you’ll learn what are some of the most popular internet slot games.

Real Casino Slots Online

Online slot machines represent some of the biggest games on the net, and also have a long history. When you think of slots you might still think of the old style of slots machines which were played on riverboats and casinos many years ago, with a crank lever and cherry and lemon symbols, but the truth is that slot machines have come a long way since then.

Real casino slots online are much more than that! You can choose from the impressive selection of games and play from the comfort of your home in different online casinos. Casino slots live are must-have for an online casino nowadays.

Real Slot Machines – History

The early, original style of slot machines was mechanical, with usually three reels displaying various symbols on their sides. When cranked, the slot machine would set the reels spinning in motion and then when the reels came to a stop, the symbols would be lined up in the front area of the slot machine.

The early slot machines only had a few paylines, often only 3, so if there were matching symbols lined up along those lines, the player would win money. Although slot machines have taken on quite different forms since then, the basic system remains the same, and you will still find most slot machines function this way even today. However, they significantly evolved and therefore, modern real casino slots online are a way much more exciting to play.

What is an online slot machine?

So how exactly is a mechanical device like a slot machine translated into the world of digital, online gaming? It’s actually not that complicated. The basic principles remain the same, it’s still centred on pressing a button to spin, then spinning reels spring into action, lining up symbols on the screen and determining an outcome based on what symbols are lined up along the paylines.

It’s all quite similar to the “real” slot machines, only online slot machines are displayed on your computer screen and connected via the internet. Now things are a bit more complex, and some real casino slots online can have many more paylines than previously, but otherwise, surprisingly little has changed.

Real Casino Slots Online – Comparison

Let’s take a look at three of the hottest online slots games to compare and contrast their different features. This should give you a good idea of what options are out there and how you can select the best online slots game for you. Many online slots games have special features like “special symbols” which give you the possibility for free spins, bonus rounds and other sought-after prizes.

It’s definitely a good idea to keep an eye out for what kind of special details there are in a given game because they can make a good game even better. What’s even online casino slots with real money are available too! There are numerous operators where you can find online slots for real money.

Mega Fortune

This game is centred around a luxury theme, so if glitz and glamour is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. The symbols are all forms of high-end lifestyle, so speedboats, expensive rings, a cigar, champagne, money, watches and private limousines, this is what you should have in mind.

The most important symbols in the game are the Mega Fortune bonus symbol and the Mega Fortune wild symbol, with the bonus symbol having a special “scatter” effect, and the wild standing in for all other symbols when it shows up in the game. There are three possible jackpots in the game, the rapid jackpot, the major jackpot and the mega jackpot, each with varying degrees of difficulty and an increasingly lucrative payout for those which are harder to get.

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Book of Ra

Among all the Casino slots live, a slot game that gained a lot of popularity is the Book of Ra. The Book of Ra online slots game has been one of the titans in the industry, managing to maintain a high level of popularity over time, and they have also come out with numerous updates and new versions of the game.

It is based on an Egyptian theme, with an explorer who looks curiously like Indiana Jones searching for the fabled Book of Ra. The golden book of Ra is the most important symbol of the game, and opens up special bonus rounds when it pops up on the screen several times. When that occurs, the player then gets to take 5 bonus spins on the game, which are free of cost, but can actually result in winning real money, thus the appeal of hunting down the book of Ra.

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Reel King

This game is one of the online slots games which keeps some of the original style of old-fashioned slots machines. The style of games is called “fruit games” because of the notorious cherries and other symbols the game is based around. You’ll find that the game is quite easy to jump into, because the symbols are much like classic card games, with the “face cards” King, Queen and Jack playing a large role, and then the other valuable special symbols being fairly obvious to interpret.

Definitely try to catch some of the wild symbols because they stand in for any of the other symbols in the game, much like a Joker symbol would in cards games. You’ll also notice that you should seek out the winning Jackpot symbol, which, like it looks, gives you a pile of money.

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Other Online Casino Slots Games

Apart from the internet slot games we mentioned above, there are some other real casino slots online that gained enormous popularity these days. Let’s mention just a few: Starburst, The Book of Dead, Age of the Gods, and more! Online casino slots with real money are increasingly popular and you can find them by clicking any of the buttons in our review.

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