How to Beat Casino Games

Learning strategy is the best way of playing at casinos, and this guide will give you a leading edge on amping up your game and win casino games! In case you’re wondering how to beat casino games, you’re in the right place! Here you’ll find the answers to common questions like:

  • How to win Casino Games?
  • How to beat casino games?
  • What kinds of strategies are there?
  • Which strategy is the best for me?
  • Which casino games have the best odds?
  • What strategies to use in a live casino?

If you’ve been wondering to yourself how to beat casino games, look no further than this helpful guide, giving you all the best tips and strategies for advancing your betting.

How to Beat Casino Games

How to Beat Casino Games – A Detailed Guide

Reading this article thoroughly you’ll get the tools and knowledge you need to learn how to beat casino games online and hopefully turn a profit from your betting. Compiling this information together into a useful tool gives you the answers to any questions which may have come up while you’ve been playing. Whether you’re most interested in how to win at casino games or getting to know what is the best online casino strategy, you will definitely benefit from the thorough and informed advice in this guide.

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Learning how to win casino games involves strategy, luck and skills. For that reason, many punters have developed special winning strategies which will be covered further on in this article. In figuring how to beat casino games, it’s very important to know the games you are playing inside and out, so that you can gain an advantage over the dealer.

Learning how to beat casino games is not always about being fixated on winning, which can come as a surprise to some players, too. Some strategies for casino games actually centre around learning methods to recuperate the player’s losses, which helps them keep playing in the long run. Other tricks and tips can be helpful in the determination of what size of bets you should place. Therefore, you will have a higher likelihood of making a return on your wagers.

Check out the sections on online casino games tips and winning strategies for online casino games for more precise information on how to beat casino games online.

Beating Strategies For Online Casinos

Here, we’re going to assess:

  • online slot machines tactics
  • live casino tactics
  • general tips on how to win at casino games, strategies and odds.

Tactics for Online Slot Machines

Many players out there are searching for valuable online slot machine tactics, which can help them to increase the money they make from playing slots. Watch out because some sites say they are giving you solutions but not all strategies are actually going to help you win in the end. Here are a few trusted tips on how to increase your winnings in slots.

How To win at Casino Games

Pay Attention to Paylines

Different online slot machines have varying amounts of paylines, and those paylines directly translate into how good your odds are to win. For example, say a game has 3 paylines, one for each of the three rows of symbols which show up on the screen. This gives you three different options of winning: one for each row of symbols which you line up. Now if the very same game setup actually had 10 paylines instead of just 3, that would give you 7 more different possible winning outcomes which would lead to a payout.

Most games allow you to toggle the number of paylines which are active at a given time, and that lets you set which ones could result in a win. More paylines means you put down a larger stake, but it also translates into a higher win, so it’s good to think about that balance.

Compare Games with the Best Offers

A very simple way to increase your winnings is to select a game with the best bonus offers, which set you out to a good start in the game. Some companies offer special startup bonuses, which give you extra cash to play within the game, essentially doubling your bankroll instantly. Others give deposit bonuses, essentially the same thing, but based on giving you a certain amount of actual cash credit in your account, simply for reloading money onto your account. Another thing to look out for is the special prizes and offers within the games, which can give you free spins, jackpots and other exclusive bonuses to sweeten the game. Figuring out which games give the best offers allows you to reap the benefits of these special offers.

Live Casino Strategies

Live casino games, also known as live dealer casino games, are online games played against an actual dealer in real time. The dealer’s actions are shown with live streaming, so you can follow as they make moves in the game.

Players can interact with the dealer using a text function, and also make betting decisions through the online console on their screen. The aspect of having a live, actual dealer makes the online casino experience even closer to how it would be in a regular casino but allows players to have that experience from the comfort of their own computer. Many players seek out special tips and strategies for playing in live casino games, so here is a listing of some of the pros and cons of live casino games.

Live Casino Games Pros and Cons


  • Excitement of having a live dealer
  • More similar to a real casino
  • You can gauge the dealer’s reactions
  • Social, interacting with the dealer & players


  • Could be awkward to watch
  • Some prefer gaming alone
  • More possibility for human error
  • More difficult to focus on strategy

How Do You Win Casino Games?

It’s hard to name any particular live casino strategy which will help show you how to win at casino games online, but knowing the most you can about the game you’re playing is crucial to any winning strategy. Being aware of any particularities of the game will help you use them to your advantage and assist in obtaining a leading edge. It’s important to be aware that in any game, there is a house edge, essentially an amount that the house or banker has as a statistical advantage over the player, and this disadvantage (for you, the player) is built in as part of the game. Knowledge is power, so reading up on all you can learn about casino games is the best way you can tip the tables in your favour.

how to win at casino games

Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of online casino games and how they compare in terms of odds, the skill required and the kind of gameplay that they involve. This will enable you to better understand what kinds of online casino games give you the best chances for how to win at casino games and which game you might enjoy playing the most.

Casino games with the best odds

Believe it or not, but not all casino games are created equal. Even though they may seem totally random on the surface, many of these games are governed by complex mathematical systems, and statistically, some of them are easier to win than others. For example, some slot machines give higher payout than others, and this is a good thing to be aware of if you want to win and not only have fun.

Remember in the last section how we mentioned the return to player percentage? This number determines how much the cards are stacked against you in a given game, listing a percentage of the money which goes in that comes out again as winnings. Basically, the higher this number, the better. That is a reflection of the house edge, which is how much of an advantage the house has over the player. Take a look at how these popular casino games rank in terms of their house edge.
Here are some of the better casino games with good odds for the player:

Casino GameBet RulesHouse EdgeStandard Deviation
RouletteSingle Zero2.70%depends on bet
Double Zero5.26%depends on bet
Don't pass/don't come1.36%0.99
Odds — 4 or 100.00%1.41
Odds — 5 or 90.00%1.22
Odds — 6 or 80.00%1.10
Field (2:1 on 12)5.56%1.08
Field (3:1 on 12)2.78%1.14
Any craps11.11%2.51
Big 6,89.09%1.00
Hard 4,1011.11%2.51
Hard 6,89.09%2.87
Place 6,81.52%1.08
Place 5,94.00%1.18
Place 4,106.67%1.32
Place (to lose) 4,103.03%0.69
2, 12, & all hard hops13.89%5.09
3, 11, & all easy hops11.11%3.66
Any seven16.67%1.86
BlackjackLiberal Vegas rules0.28%1.15

Here are a few of the casino games which have rather bad odds for the player:

Casino GameBet RulesHouse EdgeStandard Deviation
Big Six£111.11%0.99
Bonus SixNo insurance10.42%5.79
With insurance23.83%6.51
Slots2 - 15 %8.74
Keno25 - 29 %1.30 - 46.04

As you can see from these tables, some games give great odds of winning, with some bets even having a house edge of 0%. That means that out of all bets of that kind which are placed, the house is likely to give back 100% of the money as payouts, making it a very lucrative option for gamblers. Other games such as Big Six, Bonus Six and Keno have a miserable house edge of roughly 25% or even more! That means you’re likely to lose around a quarter of your bankroll to the house, no matter what you do. Those are simply not very good odds at all, so play wisely and think about playing games with a better house edge, you will definitely be more likely to get a payout playing with better odds.

Online Casino Games Strategy

With casino games, as we’ve already discussed – it is not only about luck; it is also about strategy. However, there are many factors up there involved, from selecting the game, type of bets, slots and live casinos. The one thing you need to know is that there is no universal strategy for winnings the casino games. The best option is to boost your skills, take the game odds into account, choose your own strategy, and rely on luck.

No strategy Can Guarantee a Win

Many sites out there promise foolproof methods for winning at various casino games, but the truth of the matter is that no strategy, no matter how clever can guarantee that you will win. Some strategies may increase your odds or make you more likely to reduce or recuperate any losses you may make, but at the end of the day, if there were a miracle winning strategy for casino games, it would put casinos out of business instantly or it would be banned. So please do not go in search of the holy grail of online casino games, because you will certainly not find what you are looking for, and are likely to lose a lot of money in the process.


Having arrived at the end of this guide to everything you can hope to learn about online casino strategies, hopefully, you’ve picked up a useful fact or two which can be incorporated into your own personal online casino winning strategy. It’s important to remember that no two punters are alike, so stick to your own unique style and play in a way which fits your own preferences, bankroll and taste in online casino games. No single tip, trick, strategy, method or betting system will give you a 100% guarantee of success, but being as informed as you can and applying the knowledge you have learned about how to win at casino games will definitely bring you closer to winning and profiting from playing online casino games.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to beat casino games and hopefully you’ll become more confident in your game. Hopefully, you’re now ready to try to win casino games.