Online Craps Strategy

In this guide, we provide you with the best craps rules and strategy. Keep reading on and learn what online craps strategy you should be applying to boost your gameplay. What is the best craps strategy? Find it out in our guide.

Online Craps Strategy

Craps Game Rules

Before we dive deeper into the online craps strategy, let’s list the basic craps rules first. What are some basic craps rules for dummies you must follow? The essential of all craps rules and strategy is learning the basic card rules first. The game of craps may seem incredibly simple at first, you just throw the dice and see what happens, but it’s actually one of the more tricky casino games out there.

Once again, we have a game which appears to be totally random, but the interesting part of it lies in how you bet around the possible outcomes of the roll of the dice. Both dice are thrown at once, and the roll is evaluated based on the numbers which come up.Therefore, you might think there is no best craps strategy or no strategyy at all.

The ideal throw you can get on the first roll is either a 7 or 11, which is called a “natural”. What you want to avoid on the first roll is the numbers 2, 3 or 12, which are known as “craps”. Now you know where the phrase “crapping out” came from, because getting craps means you lose the game. Any other score (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) will then be considered a “point” and then serves as the number you want to reach in subsequent rolls, and the player hopes to do so before rolling a 7, or else they lose.

Online Craps Strategy And Rules

Craps is a casino game which is all about the roll of the dice. In craps, the player gets the chance to choose their dice, throw them, and then see what the outcome is. Bets are placed beforehand on what the combined number of the dice will be, and certain outcomes are more desirable than others.

Taking into consideration all the facts listed here, we can say that the best online craps strategy is relied both on luck, following the craps rules and making smart decisions about the types of bets you’re going to use.

Craps Rules And Strategy

Ideally, punters seek to get a 7 or 11 in their first roll, which is called the “come out” roll. Getting a 7 or 11 in the come out roll is called a “natural”, meaning that they win immediately and the round is over. The numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are the next tier of points a player of craps would hope to get because that means they will move on to the next round called the “point” round.

The number they rolled will then become the number that they seek to roll in this second round, and they will hope to roll it again before a 7 or “craps” is rolled. What is “craps”, you ask? Craps is the worst thing you can roll in the game of craps, and it means that the house wins the game. The numbers 2, 3 and 12 are what is called “craps”, so try not to roll those numbers if you can help it.

Craps rules and strategy, therefore, boils down to understanding the craps card game rules and all the nuances related to craps bets.

Craps Rules And Strategy

Online Craps

Now, online craps will necessarily be a bit different than the “real thing”, because you don’t have actual dice to throw and a real felt-covered table, but it’s quite similar in most other respects. Playing online craps involves placing your bets by selecting a chip amount and distributing your chips on the wagers you would like to bet on.

This is done on the “layout” which shows the different possible bets laid out in a grid. Then once the bets are made, you throw the dice by pressing a button to roll. The numbers of the dice will appear on the screen and you will instantly know whether some bets have won or lost, and those bets will be settled instantly, the chips either returned to you as winnings, going to the bank or staying where they are if the game is to continue. When the game is over, you will have the chance to place more bets and to continue to roll the dice.

How do You Win in Craps?

Winning in craps has a lot to do with both luck and smart betting. More so than any online craps tactics, it’s important to know what kinds of bets you can make and how to make those bets work in your favour. Here is a listing of the different kinds of bets you can place in craps, so that you can learn the best bets to place for how to win casino games of craps.

Kinds of Craps Bets

  • Pass Line / Don’t Pass Line

One of the most basic bets in craps, this is a bet placed on whether the shooter will win (Pass Line) or not (Don’t Pass Line).

  • Come / Don’t Come

This is a bet on whether the shooter will win on a specific roll. It does not apply to any subsequent rolls. The come and don’t come bets can also only be used on rolls after a point has been established in the game.

  • Pass Odds / Don’t Pass Odds

This kind of bet can be made once a point is established in the game, and it is placed on either the shooter rolling the point again before a 7 is rolled (Pass Odds) or rolling a 7 again before they are able to roll the point number again (Don’t Pass Odds). The pass odds, don’t pass odds bet has some of the best odds of the game, with a house edge of 0.0%, making it a good option for beginners who are seeking a lower risk betting option.

  • Hard Way / Easy Way

This is a bet placed on whether or not the player will roll a number going the “hard way”, 4, 6, 8 or 10, or if they will go the “easy way”, rolling a 7.

  • Single Number Bets

There are also bets which can be placed on individual numbers being rolled. A few of those bets are as follows:

  1. 2 (a.k.a. snake eyes or aces)
  2. 3 (a.k.a. ace-deuce)
  3. 11 (a.k.a. yo)
  4. 12 (a.k.a. boxcars, midnight or cornrows)
  5. Any craps (2, 3 or 12)
  6. C & E (half the bet is placed on craps (2, 3 or 12, a.k.a. C) and the other half is bet on yo (11)
  7. 7 (a.k.a. any seven)

And then there are more complicated outcomes such as horn, whirl or world, on the hop (a.k.a. Hop or hopping) and field bets.

Your best odds are going to be found on the pass / don’t pass, come / don’t come, pass odds / don’t pass odds bets, so it’s wise to try out these kinds of bets first if you are new to the game, since you have the best chances of doing well in craps when you stick to these bets. Bets placed on individual numbers are likely to get higher returns, but they also carry the highest risk with that possibility, so this kind of bet is only recommended for the more experienced players.

Now that you know the main kinds of bets in craps, you can use that information to apply the better online craps strategy the next time you play the game. Hopefully, we made it easy for you to understand the basic craps rules for dummies. Are you looking for more specific information about playing at online casinos? Click here.